Pool Fittings & Cleaners
Jet WL-APH01
Jet WL-APH02
Jet WL-APH03
Jet WL-AXP01
Suction Head WL-ACHW01
Suction Head WL-ACHW02
Adjustable 1.5 WL-AJH01
Adjustable Intel WL-AJH02
Adjustable Intel 2"WL-AJH021
Adjustable Intel 3"WL-AJH031
Adjustable Intel WL-AJH04
Adjustable Intel WL-AJH03
Adjustable Intel WL-AJH05
Gutter Drain WL-AYK01
Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer WL-APZ01
Wide Mouth Wall Skimmer WL-APZ02
Round Main Drain WL-ADP197
Floor Pad WL-ADJ300
Main Drains WL-ADP263/336
Main Drains WL-ADP490
Laddies WL-CFT101/102
Laddies WL-AFT201/202/203
Laddies WL-BFT201/202/203/204
Laddies WL-SL202/203/204
Laddies WL-MC202/203/204
Laddies WL-SF202/203/204
Movable Lifeguard Chairs WL-AJC01
Movable Lifeguard Chairs WL-AJC02
Movable Lifeguard Chairs WL-AJC03
Movable Lifeguard Chairs WL-AJC04
Polybristle wallbrush 10"/26cm
Standard curved polybristle wall brush 18"/45cm
Deluxe triangular transparent cast iron weighted vas head
Flexible vacuum head for in ground pool
Flexible vacuum head w/side brush for in ground pool
Deluxe large vac.head cast iron weighted w/side brush
Deluxe liner Vac.Head with bumper ()cat iron weighted
Standard leaf skimmer
Heavy duty Plastic leaf skimmerw/long wearing mesh
Aluminium frame deep rake(Buleanodized handle)
Heavy duty plastic leaf rake with long wearing mesh
Hose 7-50m
Basic PH&CL test kit
Deluxe large chemical dispenser for 3" tablets
Chemical dispenser for 1 1/2" tablets
Jim Buoy Thermometer
Economy Thermometer