Horizontal sand Filter(1200mm)
Horizontal sand Filter(1200mm)

Name: WL-GB series Filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: WL-HF121900 WL-HF122300 WL-HF122500 WL-HF122700 WL-HF123000
Dimension: 1900x1390mm(WL-HF121900) 2300x1390mm(WL-HF122300) 2500x1390mm(WL-HF122500) 2700x1390mm(WL-HF122700) 3000x1390mm(WL-HF123000)


Horizontal sand filter are made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass they are totally anti-corrosive and have high mechanical chemical and thermal resistance.


Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram