WL-BCG series Filter
WL-BCG series Filter

Name: WL-BCG series Filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: Wl-BCG450 WL-BCG500 WL-BCG600 WL-BCG700 WL-BCG800 WL-BCG900 WL-BCG1000 WL-BCG1100 WL-BCG1200 WL-BCG1400
Dimension: 450x720mm(Wl-BCG450) 500x775mm(WL-BCG500) 600x850mm(WL-BCG600) 700x955mm(WL-BCG700) 800x1055mm(WL-BCG800) 900x1150mm(WL-BCG900) 1000x1235mm(WL-BCG1000) 1100x1335mm(WL-BCG1100) 1200x 1435mm(WL-BCG1200) 1400x1685mm(WL-BCG1400)


Side mount sand filter are built to be tougher, longer lasting and better performing. constructed of polyster resin and non-corrosive fiberglass filament winding, all internal component and connection are injected molded pvc.


Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram