ECG Depth Sand Filter
ECG Depth Sand Filter

Name: ECG Depth Sand Filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: WL-ECG15800 WL-ECG15900 WL-ECG151000 WL-ECG151200 WL-ECG20800 WL-ECG20900 WL-ECG201000 WL-ECG201200
Dimension: 800x1600mm(WL-ECG15800) 900x1600mm(WL-ECG15900) 1000x1600mm(WL-ECG151000) 1200x1600mm(WL-ECG151200) 800x2100mm(WL-ECG20800) 900x2100mm(WL-ECG20900) 1000x2100mm(WL-ECG201000) 1200x2100mm(WL-ECG201200)


This sand filter is made of high quality fiberglass which is chemical and sunlight resistant and can be installed outdoors.side mount, easy operation .It can also be fed and mixed with different filtrate(such as: Zeolite, sand and active carbon) to make the water cleaner.It is the best choice for residential area and public water.

Maximum working pressure: 250kpa

Testing pressure:400 Kpa

Maximum Temperature:50c
Maximum Filtration velocity: 50m3/h/m2

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram