DDG Depth Sand Filter
DDG Depth Sand Filter

Name: DDG Depth Sand Filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: WL-DDG13400, WL-DDG13450 WL-DDG13500, WL-DDG13600 WL-DDG13700 WL-DDG15400 WL-DDG15450 WL-DDG15500 WL-DDG15600 WL-DDG15700
Dimension: 400x1300mm (WL-DDG13400) 450x1300mm (WL-DDG13450) 500x1300mm (WL-DDG13500) 600x1300mm ( WL-DDG13600) 700x1300mm (WL-DDG13700 ) 400x1500mm (WL-DDG15400) 450x1500mm (WL-DDG15450) 500x1500mm ( WL-DDG15500) 600x1500mm WL-DDG15600 700x1500mm WL-DDG15700


High quality and high performance are aesthetically designed for water treatment. High density fiberglass are constructed with the latest engineering technology, the most recommeded equipment for the application of water Treatment

Maximum working pressure: 250kpa

Testing pressure:400 Kpa

Maximum Temperature:50c
Maximum Filtration velocity: 50m3/h/m2

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram