CCG Commercial Hi-Rate Sand Filter
CCG Commercial Hi-Rate Sand Filter

Name: CCG Commercial Hi-Rate Sand Filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: WL-CCG1200 WL-CCG1400, WL-CCG1600, WL-CCG1800 WL-CCG2000 WL-CCG2350 WL-CCG2500
Dimension: 1200x1600mm(WL-CCG1200) 1400x1600mm(WL-CCG1400) 1600x1750mm(WL-CCG1600) 1800x1950mm(WL-CCG1800) 2000x2150mm(WL-CCG2000) 2350x2400mm(WL-CCG2350) 2500x2550mm(WL-CCG2500)


Superior engineering and a company-wide commitment to customer satisfication have produced a series of vertical commericial hi-rate sandfilter.Constructed of polyester resin and non-corrossive extra thick fibreglass filament, all internal components and connections are injection molded UV-resistant PVC.

Maximum working pressure: 250kpa

Testing pressure:400 Kpa

Maximum Temperature:50c
Maximum Filtration velocity: 50m3/h/m2

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram