ADG Series Top Mount fibreglass Sand Filter
ADG Series Top Mount fibreglass Sand Filter

Name: ADG Series Top Mount fibreglass Sand Filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: WL-AD350, WL-AD400, WL-AD450 WL-AD500,WL-AD650,WL-AD700, WL-AD800 WL-AD900, WL-AD1000, WL-AD1200 WL-AD1400
Dimension: 350x730mm(WL-AD350) 400x730mm(WL-AD400) 450x800mm(WL-AD450) 500x840mm(WL-AD500) 650x940mm((WL-AD650) 700x940mm((WL-AD700) 800x1190mm(WL-AD800) 900x1320mm(WL-AD900) 1000x1410mm(WL-AD1000) 1200x1630mm(WL-AD1200) 1400x1860mm(WL-ADG1400)


ADG series Top Mount Fibreglass sand filters are built to be tougher, longer lasting and better performing.Constructed of polyester resin and non-corrossive extra thick fibreglass filament, all internal components and connections are injection molded UV-resistant PVC.

Easy to use six position valve makes the selection of the valve/filter simple

1) FILTER-Normalfiltration and vacuuming
2) BACKWASH- clean filter by reversing the flow
3)RINSE- Used after backwash to flush dirt from the valve
4) WASTE-BY passes filter, used for vacuuming to waste or loweing water level
5) RECIRCULATE-By-passes filter for circulating water to pool

Maximum working pressure: 250kpa

Testing pressure:400 Kpa

Maximum Temperature:50c
Maximum Filtration velocity: 50m3/h/m2

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram