P-DG Series filter
P-DG Series filter

Name: P-CG Series filter
Series: pool Filters/Sand Filters
Model: P-DG350 P-DG400 P-DG450 P-DG500 P-DG650 P-DG700
Dimension: 350x750mm(P-DG350) 410x770mm(P-DG400) 450x830mm(P-DG450) 535x870mm(p-DG500) 635x970mm((p-DG650) 710x1040mm((p-DG700)



1) Made of high density polyethylene material, corrosive-proof, safe and enviromental

2)unitized thermal plastic filter tank, tough, durable and suitable for many different weather condition.

3) Compact and save space

4) Clamp lock is designed to allow 360 degree rotation to simplify installation
5) These sand filters are applicable in all type of pool, spa fountain waterscape and aquarium.

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram