UV Radiation Equipment
UV Radiation Equipment

Name: UV Radiation Equipment
Series: pool water sterilizing equipment/ultraviolet sterlizer
Model: WL-UV14x2, WL-UV14x6, WL-UV14x10, WL-UV14x18,
Dimension: 460 x 125 x 320 mm, L700 x 170 mm, L700 x 200 mm, L700 x 330 mm


Special safe design for public swimming pool and private pool.No risk to swimmer because of safety voltage of 12v
different from the normal revolving design, it adopts particular buckle for Uv tube to avoid its damage during installation
It uses purely physical method to sterlize the pool water,no chemical residue, non-corrosive, non toxic side effect after sterilizing by UV sterilizer.No health hazard to human skin and body

Technical Parameters