PSH ND.2 Series Pumps
PSH ND.2 Series Pumps

Name: PSH ND.2 Series Pumps
Series: pool/pool pumps
Model:ND.2.14, ND.2.19, ND.2.24, ND.2.28


In this new version of ND .2 the dimension between inlets and outlets as well as the height dimension have been scrupulosly respected which makes it 100% exchangeable with the previous ND


1) pump body: polypropylene 30% fiberglass
2) filter basket:polypropylene
3) Shaft: stainless steel AISI 420
4)Mechanical seal: carbon+ resin-ceramics
5) Impeller and diffuser : Noryl+30% fiberglass
6) Motor: 3.000 r.p.m
7)Insulation class:F
8) waterproof:IP55
9)Thermal Protection included

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram