STP 35-120 Series Pumps
STP 35-120 Series Pumps

Name: STP 35-120 Series Pumps
Series: pool/pool pumps
Model:WL-STP35,WL-STP50,WL-STP75,WL-STP100, WL-STP120
Dimension: 443x152x195mm
Package Size
: 470x180x285mm STP 35-STP 50 490x180x285mm STP75-STP120


Features: Motors and water are completely separated .Total electrical separation.Pump cover and impeller are made of high reinforced plastic .Quick record could be used with inlet and oulet.
Operation conditions: Liquid temperature from 5c to 60c Ambient temperature up to 50c
Applications: jet pump for jetted bath tubs, spa pools, swimming pools, massage stations and cleaning system

Technical Parameters

Assumption Diagram